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Arcus Answer

Automatically responding to your customers 24/7 - instant, accurate & cost-effective



Arcus Answer sits at your frontline contact centre, handling customer calls and chat and reducing the load on your staff whilst saving money.

We configure it to handle the questions your customers ask the most, allowing contact centre staff more time to resolve complex queries, improving staff morale and customer satisfaction.

Cost saving

The average cost of an inbound call to a UK call centre in 2016/17 was £3.69 but an Arcus Answer service is typically less than £1 per call. The service is usage-based so it doesn’t require an up-front investment.

Instant answer

Customers dread long wait times, yet it is expensive to staff at levels that keep response times low. Arcus Answer scales automatically to match demand and provides an instant answer.

24/7 availability

Arcus Answer keeps answering 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. You pay no more for this availability but your customers will enjoy being able to get a response at any time that suits them.


We continually review cases where the service cannot provide an answer and update the service weekly so that it adapts to changing customer needs.


We provide you with a secure Web portal that shows you near real-time statistics on the performance of the service. These include call volumes, call duration, successful resolution and dropped calls.

Fully Automated Transactions

Once you have an established service, we can integrate with your back-end systems, allowing whole transactions to be completed over phone and web chat. This can free people from the need to complete standard forms, asking them only for information that you don’t already have and ensuring that those who need services are helped to apply for them.

Salesforce Integration

Arcus Answer can be fully integrated with Salesforce, allowing an organisation to handle callers without the need for an agent using data taken from their Salesforce CRM. If the caller does need human help Salesforce records can be automatically ‘popped’ to the agent using a unique ID supplied by the caller in advance thus saving agent time and ensuring the caller is directed to an agent who is best placed to assist them.

Cloud Contact Centre

Arcus uses Amazon Connect to power the Arcus Answer Product. We are experienced in using the Amazon Connect cloud based contact centre to help our customers transform their existing operation and realise the benefits of using this product, namely:

  • Scaleable and elastic platform

  • pay as you go pricing

  • reliable cloud based architecture

  • Open platform with built in integrations to AWS and other services such as CRM and storage


Arcus Global was thrilled to win the Computing Cloud Excellence Awards 2018 - Cloud Telephony Product of the Year for the Arcus Answer product, showing how it is truly innovative in the area of AI based cloud telephony.

Arcus has also been instrumental in the NHS Business Services Authority winning :

Computing Cloud Excellence Awards 2018 - Best Cloud Project for their cloud contact centre

AWS City On a Cloud 2018 - Best Practice Award for the European Health Insurance Card Information Line (Powered by Arcus Answer)

AWS Partnership

Arcus Global went through a rigorous accreditation procedure and were successful in being selected as a ‘go-to’ Amazon Web Services Partner for Amazon Connect consulting and implementation services. Arcus are pleased to be working with AWS as we believe Amazon Connect provides the most innovative cloud based contact centre ecosystem on the market.

As an AWS partner Arcus Global’s primary focus is within the UK public sector however we are open to working with any organisation which is looking to get the most out of our expertise with AWS, Amazon Connect and Salesforce.

Arcus Answer and NHSBSA

Click here  to read about how Arcus Answer resolved 40% of cases within 4 weeks.

Click here to read about how Arcus Answer resolved 40% of cases within 4 weeks.

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