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Arcus Answer Alexa Skills

Arcus Answer Alexa Skills for the Amazon Echo provides solutions for echo voice-based interaction. Arcus can assist with skill development and approval, third party solution integration and ongoing development and support.

Alexa skills can also be delivered alongside Arcus Answer on the telephone and Web chat, enabling an automated multichannel approach.


Skills can be designed and delivered to respond to common questions and deliver consistent pre-approved answers. Include cloud-based scaling and can complement your customer service channels, improving both customer and staff satisfaction.

Arcus has a wealth of experience in delivering voice-based assistants to empower your organisation to deliver a more effective and efficient customer service experience. Providing a far more accessible service to customers and reducing the friction compared to current online only services. This experience started in delivering Alexa Skills for the public sector where we have been credited with developing the first Alexa Skill for a Local Authority shortly after the Alexa was released in the UK. Arcus can assist with back office integration to enable a richer customer experience to provide a skill that will offer a repeatable service to your customers.

We also encourage customers to consider the Arcus Answer solution which also offers cloud-based voice-based automation via a standard telephone which will support a much larger population of your customer base. However, there are still many use cases for Alexa Skills for specific point solutions to encourage take up of a service, get wider exposure for a new service or access a market where traditional techniques are less appealing such as in Academia. In addition, depending on back office systems available in your organisation Arcus has also developed a framework to request 3rd party system information.

In addition, Arcus provides a unique reporting dashboard which shows near real time activity and this provides insight into ongoing iteration of the solution to ensure request that were understood are understood the next time they occur. Customers can also monitor the effectiveness of the solution seeing calls that were handled, abandoned or referred onto an agent.

Arcus welcomes the opportunity to work with your organisation to configure a solution that meets your needs and budget. In addition, please see other G-Cloud entries for Arcus Answer and Arcus Answer Bin Line, Arcus University Clearing Line. Arcus can also provide solutions for Web chat bots re the Arcus Answer Chat solution. All of the solutions are built using the AWS Cloud and can be delivered in relatively short timescales.


Features, Advantages and Benefits

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Scalable reliable & secure Alexa Skill development


Deliver new and innovative solutions to your customers



Echo voice-based assistant

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Offer customers a new way of interacting with your organisation


Asset 26.png

Handle repetitive requests

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24/7 x 365 service for no extra cost


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Use AI to respond to spoken questions automatically

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Reduce attrition through staff answering more interesting calls


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Reliably delivers consistent messages to callers

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Improved quality and consistency of information given


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Integrates with your existing solutions and infrastructure

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24/7 service at no extra cost improves customer experience


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Near real time reporting dashboard

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Visibility and insight into what customers are asking


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Quick to implement using an Agile approach providing rapid ROI


UK business day support as standard with the option to extend to 24/7