The Arcus consulting team helps clients make the most of technology, from vision to go-live 

The opportunity to give customers the service tools they want and, in turn, reduce costS is enormous. Achieving these benefits requires the right vision and ambition, matched with pragmatism, skills and capability to deliver. 

Our consultants will work with you to fully understand your needs, assets and constraints. We are immersed in public service delivery day-in day-out so we know exactly what will work for you, and the citizens, business and stakeholders you are serving.


We are committed to the practical realisation of the "Government as a Platform" vision. The combination of innovative thinking, deep architectural skills and common sense our team brings will enable you to chart your path to better technology.  Our hands-on engineering and project management skills will give certainty in a successful delivery.


Our Consulting & Advisory Services incorporate:

Our specialist consultants determine how to deliver the best overall service that correctly balances outcomes, cost and delivery timescales.

  • Enterprise, Data & Solution Architecture  
  • Rapid Technology Procurement solutions
  • Programme Management & Benefits Realisation
  • ICT & Digital Strategy
  • Specialist ICT for the Energy Supply industry
  • Information Governance & Security
  • AWS Infrastructure Migration & Re-platforming
  • System Design & Implementation
  • and CRM solutions


A Secure Approach

Our team know the importance of security and governance within the public sector and how rapidly the legal and regulatory framework is changing. We work hard to ensure that our team is fully up-to-date and build in analysis of the risks and benefits of a solution into all our projects.

Our goal is to empower you, our clients, to make informed choices about security.

Information governance encompasses all the tools, people, and business processes used by the public sector. 

Arcus has highly experienced governance and security specialists with the knowledge to manage and deploy applications that have the ability to work with the cloud while adhering to UK legislation and regulation.

We are proud advocates of leading public cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services and and offer deep expertise in the methods, practices and controls which make them work in your specific security context. This gives you cutting edge solutions guaranteed to keep pace with today’s technological advances, while being easier to use and more efficient to run.