Our consultants are experts in sourcing and deploying ICT for new entrants to the energy market

The supply of gas and electricity is highly regulated and the whole marketplace is complex.

The creation of a new energy company requires Cabinet Office licensing and there is a managed ramp-up to providing services known as CME (Controlled Market Entry).

Arcus consultants designed, built & deployed a cloud-hosted architecture for Bristol Energy within a year that is effective, secure, resilient and low-cost.

We chose all of the systems, negotiated the deals and managed the implementation. You could benefit from our experience and move even faster.

Features & Benefits:


Independent review & mapping of benefits

Ensures benefits are realistic in both volume and timing.


Gain value

Our experts in negotiation will craft contracts that give you flexibility and keep costs down while our cloud-hosted approach means that you only pay for what you use.

Fast implementation

Using cloud-hosting means that you can deploy and scale services rapidly.


Safe & Secure

We have used external penetration testers to prove our resilient architecture.

Keep costs down

Our use of cloud-hosting means that you can run effectively with very few IT staff.