Arcus Food Hygiene is a powerful and flexible solution developed in partnership with Regulatory Services professionals

delivering a state of the art secure cloud service, It helps teams work efficiently and effectively through reliable components including database, security, workflow and user interface.

Features & Benefits:


Registrations and inspections

Flexible workflows for handling food, health and safety and sampling inspections as well as new food businesses and food business operator registrations

Inspection, enforcement, mediation and reporting

Single system that can span all teams involved in handling an inspection activity, enforcement, mediation and reporting processes


Intuitive officer and management reporting and dashboard building

Extensive reporting and dashboard customisation capabilities for all levels of the organisation structure


Multi-format accessibility through mainstream browser compatibility

Mobile by default, the solution will run on any mainstream browser for increased user accessibility.


Premises address selection and history with Gazetteer

Address selection from the corporate Gazetteer enables automated premise history for improved auditing and data quality

Generation of communications collateral at each stage of the process

Automated generation of communications to involved parties at all stages of the business process


Flexible SLAs covering all relevant stages of the business process

Customisable service level agreements cater for all types of food business risk levels and eligible inspection activities including health and safety, food standards and food hygiene

Powerful search capabilities

Simple, powerful search capabilities provide the ability to quickly identify key persons, businesses, premises and related system data with partial and full search criteria matching


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Arcus Food Hygiene is part of Arcus Regulatory Services suite of products.

Arcus Regulatory Services is a powerful, flexible and intuitive solution that helps licensing, food hygiene, trading standards, pollution control and permit teams do their jobs effectively and efficiently.