Arcus Regulatory Services is a powerful, flexible and intuitive solution that helps licensing, food hygiene & regulatory services teams do their jobs effectively and efficiently.

As part of our vision to create 'integrated environments' for Local Authority practitioner services Arcus Global are exploring integrating the offerings of high value add content providers such as RHE to embed the RIAMS knowledge cloud in our Regulatory Services digital platform.

The newly developed applications for Regulatory Services are already natively mobile on any device using a web browser and a standard internet connection and the potential addition of the RIAMS content from a single point of entry gives field staff access to documents, procedures, publications and guidance for their specific areas of expertise. 

“At RHE we are committed to the vision of a throughout digital knowledge management solution that supports professionals and improves services. Integrating RIAMS to create single points of entry for professionals and the public delivers a powerful combination for better and more efficient services.”
— Robert Halford MD RHE