A single system that provides environmental services teams with an end-to-end solution for high volume requests

enables self-service reporting of missed collections and provides up to date notifications of how and when a task will be handled.

I am pleased to be working closely with Arcus Global to build a Waste Management Software System which will reflect the needs of our service provision and assist us to provide our residents with enhanced services.
— Chelmsford City Council

Features & Benefits:

Task management for crews including special and ordinary rounds

Mobile and flexible workforce management that improves efficiency for both front- and back office teams


Scheduling of rounds and publication of collection schedules

Easily manage schedules and distribute them in various formats both internally and to residents

Reporting of missed collections through multiple channels

Deal with missed collections through an end-to-end process that is consistent across channels

Rescheduling and notification of collections in case of exceptions

Automated communication both to internal teams and residents improving customer service and service efficiency


Service request process for waste containers and scheduling of delivery

Full end-to-end, multi-channel, automated process for receptacle requests

Complete support for bulky and special collections

End-to-end, automated, multi-channel process for bulky and special collections

Route Management

Ability to integrate with routing for rounds and individual job plans for teams


Bin stock control

Get reminders and warnings when bin stocks are low


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