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Arcus AWS Cost Optimisation

Arcus has expertise in cloud economics to help monitor costs and look for any potential to reduce cloud spend.

With access to multiple cost optimisation tools, Arcus actively works with customers to help accurately forecast spend, implement effective tagging policies and make recommendations for rightsizing and Reserved Instance purchases.


Our service has three components:

1. Gathering data about your AWS infrastructure, plans, service hours and risk posture

2. Analysing that data and proposing actions to reduce costs. These typically include:

a. Automated switch-off after normal working hours

b. Right-sizing that matches loads with appropriate infrastructure

c. Fully-costed recommendations for purchasing Reserved or Spot Instances

3. Ongoing provision of monitoring tools

Note that Arcus is an AWS Approved Reseller and does not add any mark-up to published AWS prices.


Features, Advantages and Benefits


Spend forecasting, cost reporting, and budgeting

Improved visibility helps you make savings


Instance right-sizing recommendations, either one-off or ongoing

Make better use of underutilised resources to reduce costs


Access to cost optimisation, analysis, and cost monitoring tools

Monitor costs in near real time using our secure portal


Reserved Instance and Spot Instance recommendations, either one-off or ongoing

Save >75% using Reserved or Spot Instances


Resource tagging strategies

Accurately track spend by project, department or user