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Arcus AWS Support


Architecture optimisation

Infrastructure level
Advice on AWS best practice design provided by AWS Certified Professional Solution Architects

+ OS level
Creation of ‘golden images’ for servers (known as Amazon Machine Image or AMI on the AWS platform)

+ Advanced level
Regular review of AWS architecture against your IT strategy which includes review of new developments that may benefit you

Change control

Infrastructure level
Raising change controls where necessary

+ OS level and advanced level
Integration of our change control process with yours

Disaster recovery

Infrastructure / OS levels
Advice on design of a high availability architecture
Providing an automated, scheduled back up (Snapshot) system
Our typical Recovery Time Objective is less than 4 hours from receipt of notification

+ Advanced level
Ability for nominated clients to directly adjust backup schedules using our online portal

Infrastructure optimisation

Infrastructure / OS / advanced levels
Annual provision of right-sizing information which includes suggestions where smaller/fewer servers or disk volumes could be used


Infrastructure level
Pro-active monitoring and response to AWS alerts and to system metrics
Automated generation of emails to client or supplier service desks

+ OS level
Pro-active response to all out of the box CloudWatch metrics, and additionally custom metrics including (but not limited to): memory, application health and events, User Access Management, URL availability monitoring, AWS instance events (retirement notifications, degraded hardware notifications)

+ Advanced level
Provision of a secure, dedicated management portal for each client that allows you to report on a wide range of metrics and drill-down into the data

Operations management

Infrastructure level
Monitor, stop, start, reboot instances
Run servers only when you need them
Flag instances that are unused and could be removed
Respond to monitoring alerts, changing the amounts of storage in response to usage and new requirements

+ OS / advanced levels
Manage patching according to a monthly cycle on Windows and Linux servers


Infrastructure level
Domain Name System (DNS) management and control within AWS e.g. Route3 and related technologies
Administering security groups

+ OS level
Antivirus service and automatic updates
Monitoring failed logins and failure to use MFA
Remote access management for application vendors requiring access to servers
Protection using multi-factor authentication

+ Advanced level
OS hardening (improves OS security)
URL filtering and provision of secure web proxies
Writing exception sets for Antivirus
Provision of additional security features specific to client environments

Service delivery management

Infrastructure level
Quarterly SLA reports showing call statistics, performance against SLAs and conference call to discuss

+ OS level
Monthly SLA reports by conference call with quarterly face to face meetings

+ Advanced level
Provision of an online secure reporting portal that enables you to view the health of your infrastructure in near real-time

Third party engagement

OS level
Remote access management for application vendors requiring access to servers

+ Advanced level
Working with your suppliers e.g. application support teams to provide a seamless support service


OS / advanced levels
Active Directory management:
Forest and Domain configuration
Group Policy object management
Organisational Unit management
Server object management
Sites and Services management including resolution of replication issues in distributed environments

24/7 call-out

Infrastructure / OS / advanced levels
Available for priority 1 issues for an additional 10% of AWS costs