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Azure to AWS Migration

Arcus can help you make the leap from Azure into the globally leading AWS cloud platform.

Our experienced AWS Certified Architects use a combination of AWS tooling and services (including the AWS server migration service) alongside our in-house developed discovery capabilities to successfully migrate between clouds.


We will work through the following steps with you:

·         Planning your move out of Azure to meet business objectives

·         Designing your AWS Landing Zone Architecture to ensure a smooth transition

·         Cost analysis to demonstrate the immediate savings of moving to AWS

·         Execution of migration within agreed timelines

·         Cost optimisation post migration to realise additional savings

·         On-going support and advice to help you maximise your AWS investment


Features, Advantages and Benefits

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Reduce Costs

AWS have decreased costs more the 60 times in the last 12+ years which result in immediate customer savings.

Combined with cost optimisation methods including Reserved Instances (up to 76% saving) and Spot Market (up to 90% saving) AWS offers the most cost-effective cloud platform


Seamless migration

Using standardised AWS tooling (including the AWS server migration service) enables smooth transition between clouds

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Access class leading technologies

Being in the AWS platform enables integration with the rich AWS ecosystem to access services like data analytics, AI and Machine Learning


Security Cleared

Official and Official Sensitive solutions design & delivery experience. All of our team is Security Cleared and we have experience of delivering AWS environments that connect to N3 & PSN

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Vendor Certified

Qualified Solutions Architects, Security Specialists, Developers and SysOps staff. Our Architects hold Professional AWS Solution Architect certificates