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We build products that enable people doing the most important jobs to do them better. The kind of jobs that keep our streets clean, our children safe and our communities thriving.

Arcus Building Control

Arcus Building Control has been built in partnership with Building Control teams across the UK.

As well as allowing you to quickly and easily process applications, the solution provides performance management tools to improve effectiveness, and marketing tools to increase market share and client retention.



For Managers

View site, case and contact history in one place

A single source of data allows you to view the complete history of a site or a case, along with the relevant contact history

Reduce revisits and missed inspections

Manage online requests, provide mobile access to records via a smartphone or tablet, and send automated reminders to builders

For Users

Manage inspection diaries

Communicate electronically with citizens and stakeholders to manage inspection dates in one place

Manage document templates  

Build simple interactions that enable citizens and stakeholders to complete transactions on line


Multiple transaction capability

The solution saves time by managing multiple transactions in a single session