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We build products that enable people doing the most important jobs to do them better. The kind of jobs that keep our streets clean, our children safe and our communities thriving.


[ahr-coh-nawt, -not]

  1. Someone who is resourceful and curious, always ready to use their own initiative, and filled with ideas

  2. A friendly and collaborative member of a team

The Arcus way

Use your judgement

This statement guides the way we work at Arcus. For example there’s no dress code, but if you’re meeting customers it’s best to be smart. We have flexitime because we trust people to do the work and be available for meetings.

This approach leads to a very open atmosphere in the office. Managers help projects progress, but the hierarchy isn’t strict and you can raise ideas and opinions with anyone. We want you to use your initiative.


We have a friendly office where you can talk to anyone about anything



Work Environment

We have a friendly office where you can talk to anyone about anything. Collaboration is actively encouraged, and we use agile methodologies along with guilds to run projects and share knowledge. We don’t want people to ‘fit in.’ Diversity and difference are essential to creativity, and we want you to best the best person you can be and embrace that. 


Along with a competitive salary we offer life insurance and a fund matched pension

Work / Life Balance

Use your flexitime to get to the gym in the morning, or work from home when the plumber is visiting. The 35hr week, 25 days’ holiday, and ability to buy or sell up to 5 days’ holiday allow you more control over your work/life balance.  

Keep Healthy

We’ll help you stay fit with free healthy snacks and a monthly subsidised massage. If you do need support we provide private medical insurance and medical cashback. This benefits you even when healthy, with rewards like cinema tickets and spa discounts.

Career Development

As a growing company there are lots of opportunities for progression. Your career is largely in your hands; work hard and show initiative and your efforts will be recognised. Research and request the relevant training, and move in the direction that works for you and Arcus..

Give Back

Working to make the public sector better feels good. Taking two charity days per year on top of your annual leave to donate your time to worthwhile causes feels pretty great too.

Fun at Work

We think of the Arconauts like a family, so join in the fun with our social organisers Team Awesome, take part in a regular board game night, play for a sports team, or take the Arcus punt out for the day.

It’s a good time to be here because we’re growing up as a company. I’m excited to be contributing to and experimenting with new ideas and processes. Luckily I’m part of the best team - the devs. Someone’s always very willing to help, we keep healthy hours and people look out for you.
— Katy, Development Team Lead

Our Latest Vacancies

If you have any questions please contact



If you have any questions please get in touch at  


Please note that all successful candidates will be required to undergo a full criminal record background check


While we prefer to hire people directly, we do have a PSL in place. We are aware of other agencies and will be in touch if required. We don’t take cold calls.