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Arcus CloudCauseway

Arcus CloudCauseway provides a managed service for enabling systems on your internal network to talk securely to Cloud-hosted external services.

You can route and manage HTTP and HTTPS traffic between private and public networks, to securely share data internally and with trusted external systems. The service is designed to work in conjunction with security controls within applications and databases where data is exposed, to provide the appropriate level of security.




Best-practice design

Our Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) resilient solution conforms to common design patterns and best practice, providing you with a highly available, high-performing and scalable service

Fully-managed service

The service manages all connections into your systems, requiring a single entry in your primary DNS service. It monitors and reports on security incidents and service interruptions

Cloud connectivity

Connect securely with other internal systems and/or trusted external platforms, driving efficiency and innovation through self-service portals, mobile access etc. 

Secure service with no downtime

Our user-segmented solution seamlessly wraps your sensitive endpoints with premium controls to enhance your services, without development costs or downtime

Whitelist of approved origins

All connections must be over HTTP(S), and a list of approved origins for each specific service means your providers can only access the services they need

Arcus was a real partner to AVDC during the project. Despite delays caused by other suppliers, they have stepped up, and shown commitment and flexibility, maintaining the partnering approach
— Andrew Grant, Chief Executive Officer, Aylesbury Vale District Council