Cloud causeway is a fully-managed solution to resolve network transport issues

Route and manage HTTP and HTTPS traffic between private and public networks.

An award-winning managed service to resolve transport and security issues, route and manage HTTP and HTTPS traffic between private and public networks, it enables organisations to share data securely with internal systems and trusted external systems and platforms to help drive efficiencies and innovation through self-service portals, mobile-enablement, etc.

The Arcus Cloud Causeway provides many different benefits to you and aims to centralise the management of connectivity, to remove the need for the administration and management of many point-to-point connections. It is designed to work in conjunction with security controls within the applications and databases whose data is exposed to provide an appropriate level of security.

The objective of this service is to unlock the value held within the data owned by organisations without the burden of re-engineering existing applications, services or infrastructure.

Features & Benefits:

Cloud-enabled connectivity

Securely connect with other internal systems and/or trusted external platforms to help drive efficiencies through self-service portals, etc. in addition to opening up new opportunities through technical innovation, such as mobile enablement, open data initiative, etc.


Our user-segmented solution has been designed from the ground-up to seamlessly wrap your sensitive endpoints with premium controls to enhance your services without development costs or downtime. Enforcement of connections over HTTPS for all connectivity into you and restrictions of connectivity for each service to a specific whitelist of allowed origin connections, common system vendors such as and Office 365 are maintained as part of the service provision.


Robust & performant

Our DDoS-resilient solution has been designed to conform to common design patterns and best practice so that it is continuously available, performant and will scale with your service demand while giving you optimal value.


The service is a single point for managing all connections into your systems that requires just a single entry in your primary DNS service. It includes monitoring and alerting that will take data feeds from all of the components and reporting on security incidents and service interruptions.