The Arcus Global story is worth a read

Back in 2009, at the height of the recession, two savvy business men: Denis Kaminskiy and Lars Malmqvist, whilst studying for their master’s degree at Cambridge University, recognised an important gap in the market.  

Cloud computing was in its absolute infancy, but Denis and Lars saw the bigger picture and recognized the value of a new, agile and flexible computing model that would make it easier to manage and run local government services for their citizens.  There was also the added benefit of major cost savings to customers who use this model.


The vision becomes a reality.    

In a period of 7 years, they went from running a business out of an old BMW to establishing a business that is currently doubling turnover year on year.   In 2013 the company achieved a respectable £2m and in 2015 £4.2million.   They are on track to double this during 2016 and currently the business has over 100 employees, and are based out of their offices in Cambridge.

The story of Arcus continues as their success has been in tackling the hard challenges – understanding that the systems they make supports the Built Environment, Waste Collection, Social Care, Education and similar, all of which are today benefiting from Arcus’ unique view of agile computing for local government. These areas are not flashy, or fashionable, but are all 100% essential for the Public. In the age of reducing budgets, Arcus helps protect the services that really matter, applying latest technology and innovation to the market that needs it most.

Denis and Lars’ philosophy on running a company is that they “want it to be a place people want to work” - this philosophy runs through everything they do as leaders of the business. Ask any employee and they will all agree that their philosophy works.  This view has become implicit in the way in which Arcus works with their customers: its open, with communication being key.  Without understanding the customer requirements, you cannot deliver a successful outcome.   Arcus listens and learns.  Its part of our ethos;  an ethos that grows with every new solution we deliver for our customers.  The story continues...