Kind words from a few of our happy customers...

“The task of migrating our server estate to the cloud was made easy by working with Arcus. They determined which services needed to be migrated in what order and worked with our internal IT team, external providers and our incumbent Managed Services Partner to deliver a smooth transition to the Amazon Web Services Platform. Our transformation timetable was aggressive and cost sensitive, Arcus exceeded our expectations on both counts.”
— John Harrison, Corporate Director Resources at Peterborough City Council
“Amazon Web Services was an obvious choice given its breadth of services, maturity of the offering and lowest cost. Ability to migrate aging platforms and set up Direct Connect was also a key factor. Most importantly, AWS was able to offer the biggest cost advantage, without requiring the council to be tied down to long term commercial commitment.”
— Alan Evans Head of ICT, Aylesbury Vale District Council
“Arcus was a real partner to AVDC during the project. Despite delays caused by other suppliers, they have stepped up, and shown commitment and flexibility, maintaining the partnering approach”
— Andrew Grant is Aylesbury Vale District Council’s Chief Executive Officer
“Indigo gives us a better understanding of the needs of families in each catchment area. It allows us to target the more in-need families, but also gives us information about other groups – for instance, professional first-time mums – who require more support”.
— Mandi Clemmett, Children’s Centre Commissioner at Buckinghamshire County Hall.
“Arcus and Efftel worked tirelessly to deliver savings to us. We did not expect them to find so many savings or to be successful in getting money out of our vendors’”
— Alex Garnett, Programme Manager, Essex County Council
“Arcus Building Control can allow our officers to be truly mobile. We now see how work that used to be restricted to the office van move to a quick and easy mobile solution. Not only will this save us time, but will also provide efficiencies through which we can save money as well.”
— Stuart Mitchenall, Head of Business Support at Tandridge District Council
“Anything that makes our day more efficient is good, but it is even better when you see how these efficiencies can then be passed on to our customers in the form of a better, more responsive service.  Delays to building inspections can cost our customers time and money, so anything we can do to make our service as quick and as efficient as possible is good news.”
— Piers Mason, Chief Planning Officer at Tandridge District Council
“Arcus consultants know their stuff. They have the technical capacity and understanding needed to deliver in the face of the challenges encountered by local government organisations.”
— Dan Brookman, Head of ICT, Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead