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We build products that enable people doing the most important jobs to do them better. The kind of jobs that keep our streets clean, our children safe and our communities thriving.

Arcus Digital Service Platforms

We provide Digital Service Platforms that transform how organisations work.

We design, build and implement the technology and process changes needed to revolutionise your operating models and deliver step changes in your efficiency and service. We’ll combine the appropriate mix of ICT Strategy, Data Strategy, Enterprise Architecture, Integration Strategy and User Experience Design to deliver the best overall service.




Experts in ‘going digital’

We apply a proven, cost effective methodology for developing strategy, designing architecture and implementing technology

Continual service improvement

Our Digital Service Platform continually improves service by analysing data across business and delivery units, and integrating information from disparate internal systems and external sources

Change the way your organisation thinks

We can help you change your perspective on how services are delivered, encouraging you to ask what level of skill or training is needed, what makes a difference to your customer satisfaction, and what role artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic automation can play

Enable additional revenue generation

Where opportunities for additional revenue generation exist, we can help you make faster and better decisions. Unlike legacy systems, a digital services platform gives you the flexibility to adapt and respond to these opportunities

Build a digital roadmap

We’ll help you build a ‘digital roadmap,’ a blueprint for service transformation around a common Digital Service Platform that will support all of your organisation’s services. This will embrace open standards and deliver the flexibility to respond to change

End-to-end design-led approach

Our approach ensures the right tools are in place to deliver improvements now and in the future, reducing both the cost and the time it takes to achieve transformation

Integrated and scalable technologies

Full Digital Services Platforms combine open, scalable and extensible technologies to deliver a joined-up service, and the best possible user experience