The 'Award-Winning' Arcus Digital Services Hub delivers all citizen self-service interactions in one single platform.


The Digital Services Hub provides real time interactions for a host of services from Revenues & Benefits through to Waste Management to Social Care, lowering the cost to transact.

Arcus digital service platform provides a single view and a single point of access for the resident across council services, and at the same time a single view for the council of that resident journey.

“AVDC have hardly had a minute to take breath since going live and I am sure there has been a similar buzz at Arcus. I did want to pause, however, and say thank you to the Arcus team for really putting in the time and effort especially over the last couple of weeks and before! We definitely have an excellent basis for developing the Aylesbury Vale My Account and to support a far reaching digital transformation of Customer experience.”
— Caroline Cooper, Aylesbury Vale District Council

Arcus & Aylesbury Vale District Council Win with New Digital Services Hub


  • Understand your Citizens through social listening
  • Respond to feedback almost instantaneously 
  • Meaningful feedback helps citizens feel heard and understood
  • Modern solutions will enable you to stay ahead of the game

Features & Benefits:


Authenticated & un-authenticated communication threads

Offers citizens & stakeholders a platform for digital interaction with the Authority ensuring all events are captured in one solution

Single portal for all communications

Common look and feel for all services on-line giving the user a consistently branded look and feel when interacting with the council


Easy to use

Gives each authority the ability to build simple interactions that ensure citizens and stakeholders complete transactions on line

Totally secure

Built using technology - the solution is totally secure using the highest security protocols


Multiple transactions in a single session

Like all the best user experiences Arcus Digital Services Hub allows users to complete multiple complex queries / submissions in a single session

Expandable platform solution

Arcus Digital Services Hub allows Authorities to build a profile of on-line digital services ensuring that "lines of business" can go digital when they are ready. The platform approach provides flexibility in cloud replacement of legacy case management systems.


Easy to maintain and scale

The Arcus Digital Services Hub environment gives users the ability to maintain, add to, or change themselves. Can be scaled up to support even the busiest authority

Integrates with on premise or other cloud systems

Arcus Digital Service hub will integrate with on premise back office systems via published APIs as well as other Salesforce AppExchange products

Multi-level customer authentication

Allows Authorities to create different levels of authenticated users based on the Authorities definition


Delivers key reporting statistics in a single click

The reporting and dashboard function in Arcus Digital Services Hub allows users to create meaningful reports quickly and easily with no specialist reporting tool knowledge. You can see how users are engaging with the solution and tailor to get better on-line transaction results.


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