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We build products that enable people doing the most important jobs to do them better. The kind of jobs that keep our streets clean, our children safe and our communities thriving.

Arcus Digital Services Hub

Arcus Digital Services Hub (DSH) is a real-time solution that allows citizens, businesses, officers, elected members, and other stakeholders to engage with your local authority through a single, secure, and scalable self-service portal. It enables interaction with a whole range of services such as revenues and benefits, waste management, social care, built environment, and regulatory services. DSH is the first step towards a truly integrated digital authority, and lowers your cost to transact.




Single portal for all communications

Common look-and-feel and branding for all online services

Integrates with on-premise or other cloud systems

Arcus DSH will integrate with on-premise line of business systems via published Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), and with Salesforce AppExchange products

Expandable solution

Arcus DSH allows you to build a profile of your online digital services, ensuring that lines of business can ‘go digital’ when they are ready

Enable citizens to access services 24/7

Citizens can access your key services outside of office hours, promoting channel shift and reducing the costs of your service provision

Totally secure solution

Built using Salesforce technology, the solution is totally secure and uses the highest security protocols

Authenticated and unauthenticated communication threads

Provides citizens and stakeholders with a platform for digital interaction with your authority, and ensures all events are captured in one solution

Multiple transactions in a single session

Arcus DSH allows users to complete multiple complex queries or submissions in a single session

Multi-level customer authentication

The solution allows you to create different levels of authenticated users based on the local authority’s definition

Easy to use

Build simple interactions that ensure citizens and stakeholders complete transactions online


Delivers key reporting statistics in a single click

The reporting and dashboard function allows your users to create meaningful reports with no specialist reporting-tool knowledge. You can monitor how they are engaging with the solution and tailor it to get better online transaction results

As a council we understand the growing demands from our residents and businesses to be able to do things quickly, easily, anywhere and at any time. Investing in the right technology now will allow us to offer our customers more services as easily as they do internet banking for example. It also means that we can redesign our processes to make them more efficient and ensure we can continue to deliver services against the backdrop of significant budget decreases.