The people here at Arcus enjoy a unique workplace culture that encourages the creation of innovative technologies to the public sector

Join Arcus, and help us use modern technology to change the public sector. This is what our people say:

The best thing about working at Arcus is that we are continually pushing to improve how we do what we do and there isn’t an atmosphere of “I don’t want to hear about that”. Just as an example, today we had a radical thought about how our development teams should manage code - in every other company I’ve worked for this would demand weeks or months of lobbying to get on the road - but at Arcus the technical leads all got together and immediately decided it was better than our existing system. By the end of the day we’d given one project a brighter future and planned how to move all the others to our new format. Magic.
— Alex Weinle
For me, Arcus is like my second home. My family is in India so here Arcus is my family and every member here is a family member. Especially more senior people (Lars, Alex and Denis) they always treat you on equal level and motivate you to get the best out of you. I learned a lot from Alex (Andy and Lars) during my Arcus Journey. When I came here, My English was very poor and I was not able speak with anyone but now I am dealing with clients which is the biggest achievement for me. Lars is always happy because he loves his job and what he is doing and I have learned a lot from Lars so now I am more focused and driven towards future growth
— Ramesh Odedra