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Arcus GÉANT services

As an AWS Reseller on the GÉANT IaaS framework Arcus can offer a number of benefits


Visibility and management

We provide a free portal to help you visualise and understand your costs across multiple accounts, aiding centralising management and eliminating ‘shadow IT’

Budgeting and alerting

The portal allows you to configure budgets and set personalised alerts to avoid overspend

Usage tier benefits

We aggregate usage across all GÉANT accounts which helps achieve lower pricing tiers (for supported services) more quickly. This benefit is passed directly on to you

AWS egress waiver

We are signed up to the AWS egress waiver programme which means that when you use us you’re automatically enrolled - you don’t need to complete any additional paperwork to see the benefit

Full AWS experience

You’re given access to an AWS account. This is the gateway to the complete range of AWS services, and enables you to get the most out of the platform

Transparent cost-effective pricing

Charges are based on AWS list pricing, and support GBP, EUR and USD. For larger accounts we offer currency hedging, which can help offset fluctuations. 30 day invoice terms mean you don’t need a credit card

Prepayment options

You can prepay for services which supports the use of research grants and other capped spend projects

Choose your level of support

AWS offers multiple levels of support (Free, Developer, Business and Enterprise) - and you can choose the right one for you

Additional services

We’re an AWS Advanced Consulting partner and Managed Service provider and can provide you with architecture, implementation and support services