Working with Arcus to develop your ICT and Digital Strategy builds confidence and engagement in your next generation of technology service investment

The development of an ICT strategy is an opportunity to look afresh at your goals and to ensure delivery of an improved technology portfolio.

The starting point for any ICT service must be delivering technology and supporting services that enables the business to work the way they want and achieve their objectives.

Arcus’ experienced team of consultants can help deliver inspiring, business-friendly, future-proof strategies that will enable digital government at reduced cost. We can help you to face the challenges of disruptive technology trends such as Cloud Computing, The internet of things (IOT) and Big Data.

We can deliver a full corporate ICT Strategy or more focused activity such as recent Desktop Strategy, Information Management Strategy, Infrastructure Strategy and Information Security Strategy work. We will tailor our solutions to suit you. Our strategies are underpinned by three promises:

  • We will deliver a strategy for your organisation, not any other.
  • Our strategy will make a difference to the way your organisation does business in alignment with key strategic priorities, from self-service channel shift to shared services and a ‘Commissioning Council’.
  • We will deliver a strategy that can be practically implemented. We will back this up by working with you to make it happen.

Features & Benefits:

Design to build

We focus on practical initiatives and are happy to work with you to implement them.

Security experts

Our security experts are experienced in gaining public security network (PSN) accreditation and can help you gain flexibility while staying safe.

Integrated service experience

We have teams of architects and developers who build web services and are used to integrating with cloud and legacy systems. This means that we know where organisations can overcome integration issues and help you share data effectively.

Long-term advocates for cloud in the public sector

We have led the introduction of cloud technologies into the public sector since 2009 so you can benefit from our knowledge of what works and how to avoid the pitfalls.

Ongoing market analysis

As partners for key technologies including AWS, Salesforce and Office365, we can give you early warning of relevant developments. We can also use our work with other organisations like yours to give you a sense of what peers are doing.