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Arcus Information Asset Register

Arcus Inform Information Asset Register (IAR) provides a low-cost, flexible, web based tool for creating and maintaining asset records.

It helps you with public sector information governance and can reduce the burden of Freedom of Information (FOI) requests. The IAR is a searchable directory of all your information assets, and provides key information on each asset, its availability, and who is responsible for it.


For Managers

Expedite benefits and reduce costs

IAR is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, which enables scalability and integration, faster benefits realisation, reduced costs, and access to new releases and upgrades

Match your branding

Customisable styling means you can quickly and easily amend styling to match your branding, providing seamless integration between internal and external sites and systems

Access key asset information quickly

Powerful search tools allow you to quickly search your directory to access key information on your assets and see who is responsible for them

Produce and export reports

IAR’s inbuilt reporting suite allows you to produce powerful reports and export them in an XLS format to work in other applications

For Users

Cloud based solution accessible to citizens

Anyone with an internet connection can access the public face of your IAR to see asset information you have chosen to make public

Keep data organised and secure

The solution has a central information point to guide and direct you through large amounts of information relating to multiple topics in varying formats

Reduce FOI requests

Citizens can easily search the IAR to see what information is held, whether it’s available to them and on what basis, reducing the number of FOI requests you receive

Manage information effectively

The IAR will state who is responsible for information assets and where they are stored, supporting information management best practice


Single portal for all communications

Communicate and collaborate easily across teams using a single portal

Multiple transaction capability

The solution saves time by managing multiple transactions in a single session

We knew that moving to a more holistic approach to service delivery was the right thing to do and the underpinning technology was key. Both Arcus and Eastleigh quickly recognised the match between their product set and the needs of the authority.
— Annie Righton, Corporate Director, Eastleigh Borough Council