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We build products that enable people doing the most important jobs to do them better. The kind of jobs that keep our streets clean, our children safe and our communities thriving.

Arcus Insight & Big Data Advisory Services

We’ll work with you to fully understand the needs and usage patterns of your citizens.

We’ll help you tailor your services appropriately so that you can save money and improve service delivery. Using our Insight & Big Data Advisory Services will enable you to make business decisions based on evidence rather than ‘best guess’. You’ll be able to understand why your programmes succeed or fail, improve efficiency, highlight fraud,and intervene early to save money. 




Define business case and strategy

We’ll work with you to develop your data strategy and any supporting business cases you need to implement the strategy

Define roadmap

We’ll help you develop your data road map along with any requisites to enable delivery

Define security and governance standards

Arcus will define security and governance standards that you need to meet to comply with the Data Protection Act and Information Governance, and develop and implement data protection policies


We’ll provide resources to help you implement the tools you need to enable the data strategy

Understand how you could use big data

Our consultants will explain the concept of big data and how you can use it to provide better, more efficient services

Select and develop the tools you require

We have extensive knowledge of platforms, intelligence tools, and ETL (Extract, Transform and Load Tools), and will advise on the best solutions for your organisation

Deploy, configure and enable your big data products

We’ll help you implement big data products, from platforms to ETL tools to Business Intelligence and Visualisation tools

Data analysis

We’ll help you to understand the data you hold and to interpret it to make better decisions to provide more efficient services

Working collaboratively we get great knowledge sharing as well as being able to genuinely re-write processes to meet our needs rather than change our processes to match the system.
— James Battle, Support Services Manager, Eastleigh Borough Council