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Arcus Land Charges

Developed in partnership with land charge services across the UK, the Arcus Land Charges solution allows you to manage your Land Charge Registers and process searches through automation or departmental interaction.

For Managers

See and mine data in a few easy clicks

The solution’s integrated report generator has secure access to all information in the system, so the data is readily available for you to create, schedule and distribute reports

Accept electronic submissions from multiple channels

Omni-channel submission means you can receive and accept electronic submissions from multiple channels and portals. You can then communicate and collaborate across teams using email, social media, SMS or printed hard-copy

Perform marketing tasks using Salesforce functionality

Underlying Salesforce functionality puts powerful marketing tools at your fingertips; create direct mail shots and targeted email campaigns, and conduct market analysis using the data held in your solution

For Users

View location, registration, or search, in one place

A single source of data allows you to view the complete history of a location or a case, along with the relevant contact history

Navigate using clear, customisable screens and workflows

Officers can quickly and easily process search requests, register entries, accept payments, query spatial data and produce search replies

Manage your caseload

Record, process and return Con29, LLC1 and Personal Searches

Manage data

Manage the Local Land Charge Register both spatially and textually

Customise the solution to your needs

Work with flexible definable page contents via a familiar user interface, complemented by a powerful, easy-to-use dashboard. Create reports using the solution’s simple-to-use business intelligence tools


Multiple transaction capability

The solution saves time by managing multiple transactions in a single session

SIngle-click reporting

Receive key reporting statistics with a single click

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Arcus provide a genuine value-add service where it feels more like a partnership than a supplier customer relationship. This was key for us as we sought to explore different ways of delivering services.
— Maryvonne Hassall, Digital Programme Director, Aylesbury Vale District Council