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Arcus Licensing

Arcus Licensing is a flexible and intuitive cloud based solution developed in partnership with local authorities across the UK. It helps your licensing teams to efficiently undertake tasks related to their role, including license applications, enquiries and enforcement, and to improve customer service.



For Managers

Manage caseload

The solution provides flexible processes for managing licensing related activities, including applications, inspections and giving advice and guidance to the public

Manage escalations and service breaches

Automated notifications and alerts allow your teams to manage, escalations and service breaches related to licensing cases

Improve standards and raise awareness

The solution facilitates partnerships with other organisations such as police and external agencies, helping to improve standards and safety, and reduce environmental nuisance relating to licensed activity

For Users

Dashboard and reporting tools 

Produce stakeholder reports using easy-to-use dashboard and reporting functionality

Manage workload

Manage all aspects of licensing activity, and collaborate across teams and services

Mobile by default

Arcus Licensing is a fully cloud based service so you can access data from any location using any internet-connected device


Single portal for all communications

Communicate and collaborate easily across teams using a single portal

Multiple transaction capability

The solution saves time by managing multiple transactions in a single session

Single-click reporting

Receive key reporting statistics with a single click

It’s a real collaborative process with Arcus – it’s been a partnership right from the outset. Arcus work with you to build the system – that was the bit that we found most attractive. They have a real desire to understand the customer needs rather than to say here is a product, take it or leave it.
— Nick Tustian, Chef Executive Officer, Eastleigh Borough Council