Local Authority

Complex processes, aging IT infrastructure and legacy systems are just some of the obstacles disrupting the work of today’s local authorities.

Drawing on extensive public sector expertise, Arcus Global makes service delivery more efficient and effective. As a Salesforce preferred partner, we’ve guided over 55 Local Authority customers to successful go-lives. 

Providing strategic and innovative applications to these and other problems, we’ve created more than 50 products and services to address the barriers to transformation. This has allowed our customers to unlock the digital potential for citizen interactions, planning, building control and environmental health services amongst many others. 

As a public sector specialist, we’ll advise you on how to build long-term digital capabilities that empower employees and transform services to meet citizens’ needs and expectations.

How can Arcus help you?

Arcus’ cloud based applications are designed to help you manage workloads and streamline service delivery. Our extensive experience of the public sector and Salesforce expertise, give you the ability to make better use of resources and tailor services to meet the needs of your employees, citizens and local businesses.

What value do Arcus applications and services add?

From licensing, food hygiene and pest control to registrars, regulatory services and citizen self-service functionality, our wide range of cloud based applications help you gain a complete view of citizen interactions. Accessible anywhere on any device, Arcus applications enable data-driven decision making so you can continue to meet the needs of your citizens in an efficient and cost-effective way. 

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