30% energy savings?

Arcus Global

Arcus Global
November 10, 2010

8-bit clouds
The environmental benefits to cloud computing were recently highlighted in a post on publicTECHNOLOGY.NET and it’s a fascinating read. We’re all very happy with the financial savings offered by moving to the cloud but this new spin means we can get even more excited. I guess it makes a lot of sense – it has been said that the carbon footprint of a moderate server is the equivalent of a Chelsea Tractor – and that’s not a small footprint!

Moving your server requirements to a dedicated provider means that the economies of scale can’t help but reduce that carbon footprint, not to mention reducing the utilities bill as the power used would be saved. Companies such as Google appreciate the amount of energy that their hardware uses and are working towards a clean energy future. So the power you’re saving could lead to greener energy production in the future. Saving money and doing your bit for the environment! I can’t see a down-side, can you?