How embracing digital makes Smart Planning a reality

Arcus Global

Arcus Global
April 12, 2019

New CLGdotTV broadcast with Arcus Global and London Borough of Redbridge

11th April 2019: Connected Local Government TV (CLGdotTV), the local public services channel, has broadcast a new podcast on Smart Planning.

In the broadcast, hosted by Vicky Sargent at CLGdotTV, Arcus Global’s Product Director of Place, Richard Sankey and Brett Leahy, Head of Planning at London Borough of Redbridge, discuss how AI can transform the planning process for local councils, by automating segments and increasing efficiencies.

“Planning sits at the core of local government but addressing queries, validating documents and checking planning applications can take up highly pressured resources,” said Richard Sankey. “Cloud-based, AI-focused solutions can completely transform the way a council operates. Smart Planning can become a reality if councils can fully embrace the right digital tools at their disposal. Procedures can be made faster and more personalised through the use of an automated system, leading to increased time for planners to focus on more complex matters.”

Please find the recording at:

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