Arcus and Quidgest Join Forces

Arcus Global

Arcus Global
September 11, 2013

Arcus Global and Quidgest have joined forces to form a new strategic partnership, focusing on bringing their innovative services to clients in the UK. The partnership will bring application development and services to the UK central and local government, as well as to the National Health Service.

With budget cuts and the pressing need to save money, many government institutions are already moving to a more flexible IT model. Arcus Global, has already extended its presence on the UK government’s G-Cloud III framework and will continue to focus on delivering cloud based services and products to their clients.

Arcus will be using Quidgest’s Genio, a platform for automatic code generation, to develop competitive and secure solutions based on the Business Impact Level guidelines.

Guillem Medina, Software Developer at Arcus says, “Genio allows us to implement the solution that our clients need, reducing development time and focusing on their business model, without having to worry about the programming code behind the product.”

About Quidgest

Quidgest is a consultancy and software engineering company, with headquarters in Lisbon, Portugal, implementing a disruptive strategy for the IT sector based on the creation and improvement of automatic code generation processes. Genio, Quidgest´s platform for automatic code generation, enables deployment in a wide range of platforms (such as server, cloud, desktop, mobile) and seamlessly integrates with a range of existing technologies. Over the last 25 years, Genio has been used to generate hundreds of tailor-made solutions for organizations in both public and private sector across the globe.