Arcus Global provides all of our employees with 2 volunteering days every year, fully paid…..

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Amanda Papworth
April 3, 2024

Three days before taking on my first ever half marathon, what better way to calm down some of the numerous butterflies in my stomach, than to volunteer…. At the Cambridge half Marathon! Soaking up the pre-race atmosphere, meeting the founder of the race, lifting my body weight in Soreen bars and pre-emptively practicing with the Portaloo’s was literally just the first hour.

The volunteer tent was an absolutely hive of activity all day with volunteers dropping in and out to lend a hand as and when they could. Never one to shy away from hard work, my shift started at 09:30am and finished promptly at 6.45pm, when the local girl guide group brought just a little too much noise and enthusiasm than I was prepared to deal with after a hectic day. 

The Cambridge half had 14,000 runners this year and each one of those required a hard earned goody bag, full of crisps, flax seed, cereal bars, joint care and energy gels. As you can imagine, this required a monumental production line and hours of (rather questionable) motivational music to start making a dent on what was required. 

Despite the rather chilly conditions, there was a united warmth felt by all volunteers. All truly doing their bit to give Cambridge runners undoubtedly one of the highlights of their running career on Sunday 3rd March 2024.  

The second of my volunteering days was spent in London at the HQ of charity Rays of Sunshine. Now, I am not sure if you are aware, I have really tried hard to keep it to myself, but my partner Laura is running the London Marathon this year for ROS, with a fridge on her back. Yes a full size one, not the sort you get in hotel rooms! 

I was well prepared with my experience at Cambridge half to pack up more runners goody bags for all ROS runners at the London based office. The goody bags were nothing short of luxurious compared to the Cambridge offering, nearly 20 items to fill in these goody bags including drinks, bath products and sweets. I suppose a few freebies is justified after making it round 26.2 miles. 

2 full on but incredibly rewarding days. A real eye opener into just how much behind the scenes work is required to put on such important events within the running community.  I fully recommend utilising your volunteering days for a cause close to your heart. You never know, you might even get a free Soreen bar out of it!