Arcus introduces NEW! Arcus Waste Management (AWM)

Arcus Global

Arcus Global
March 3, 2016

Setting the Scene:

Increasingly waste and environmental services form a cornerstone of the citizen digital engagement programmes in Local Authorities.

Waste Management software that supports operational delivery can be divided into the simple and the sophisticated – ranging from the basics of missed bin reporting to the more complex, specialty areas of route optimisation and vehicle tracking. Each Local Authority has a different requirement to the next – for some, a fully comprehensive, all-encompassing system is deemed a necessity whereas, for others, the real benefits of technology are associated with bringing high volume, reactive (edge) services into the world of the automated self-service processes of the customer portal or CRM environment.

The Why:

The government has made no secret of the fact that the Public Sector needs to look at digital solutions to improve services and save money. Arcus Global have started the process of incorporating Waste and Environmental services in their digital platform solution. Taking a view that processes should start and end with the citizen, Arcus Environmental has been added to the existing portfolio of model service modules adding to the existing ‘Built Environment’ and ‘Inform’ (Contract and Asset Management) modules that have already been created. With simple integration to web forms, single sign-on for client portal registration and native integration to social media such as Facebook and Twitter, Arcus Global represent a different approach to an old problem. One that starts and ends with the customer and one that has a very low Total Cost of Ownership compared to conventional software purchase and support models.

Further projects will include routing, commercial waste management and enhanced mobile deployment and Arcus are actively seeking customers looking for a partner to deliver their service transformation and move to cloud deployed applications – the future-proofed, low cost option that is surely the destination of choice for all Local Authorities over time.

PHASE 1 (completed)

Arcus Waste Management (AWM) is the first cloud based waste solution developed specifically to work on cloud based platforms such as Salesforce. This makes it easier for local authorities long- term to meet the day-to-day operational needs of citizen and local business waste management services. Being cloud based the information can be accessed from any mobile device, without the need to invest in any additional IT infrastructure. The real crux is that although the ‘how’ its developed is probably not considered important, for local authorities to realise the governments’ remit to become leaner, cheaper, with greater forward management, then the ‘how’ its developed becomes a major factor in purchasing future waste management solutions.


End-to-end case processing management for:

  • Missed receptacles
  • New receptacle requests
  • Bulky/special collections
  • Stock control
  • Public portal including reporting of service status with residents
  • Diary management (for special collections)
  • Integration with World Pay for payments
  • Printable job schedules
  • Key reports and full Salesforce reporting suite
  • Accepts imports of RouteSmart data tables
  • Seamless Integration with Client Gazetteer