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Arcus Global

Arcus Global
September 14, 2012

As we head into autumn and people stop complaining about how hot it is, in preparation to complain about how cold it is, I thought I’d look back over what we got up to over the summer.
The short answer is of course tenders – a necessary evil, presumably for both suppliers and procurers alike – that reach their peak over the summer months. As Arcus grows and develops more products so the list of tenders that we have solutions for grows accordingly. I believe we have eight on the go as I write this. Add to this the re-launching of the G-cloud framework, which seems to be really taking off and we have 35 distinct products and services coming out on the updated framework.

So lots of writing: no wonder it’s a popular time to go on holiday.

However it’s not all bad. Summer also marks Arcuses Birthday! This year we turned 3 and celebrated with our (almost) traditional punting and bbq trip. One custom, I would rather have avoided was that someone always seems to go into the river on these events and while last year Louis had an early bath, this year the gods frowned upon me – twice! (Disclaimer: Pimms may have been involved)

We have picked up some fresh blood in the recent months including Magda, a new cloud analyst and former astronomer (that almost makes sense), Tony a principal architect and former physicist and Alastair, a junior developer and former physicist! Go team physics! Unfortunately we also hired one non-ex-physicist: Sarah but since she is taking care of making all our applications pretty we need someone with some aesthetic abilities.

I’m sure all our new starters will be introducing themselves in subsequent blog posts. For now I’ll leave you with our happy, drunken team photo on our third birthday. I’ve got tenders to get back to…