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We have classified the Cloud Services – but what about its Customers in the Public Sector?

Roughly, I could split ICT professionals that we meet into 4 major categories based on their attitude to the cloud: Believer/adopter. They have made the mental leap to the new delivery model, including the cloud part of it. They accept that they need to deliver services, not software, and all that this entails. They are… Read more »

Transparency Agenda in the Local Government

During the pre-election frenzy in the UK, all political parties are making commitments regarding the efficiencies and savings that can be achieved across UK public sector. The news commentators love it – this provides them with fantastic opportunity to feed more editorial content by reporting and analysing the numbers. For the citizen however, it is… Read more »

Arcus Persona

Recently the Mozilla project rolled out a new version of the Firefox browser which included the ability to utilise Personas, allowing users to change the appearance of their browser with a single click. We looked at our site design and just knew that the sky and ground would look brilliant as a Persona so please… Read more »

Cloud vs. Outsourcing in Public Sector

In many ways, Cloud Computing is closely related to a commercial concept of outsourcing: a 3rd party is providing key elements of IT service in an organisation. To an extent, some of the scepticism that exists around the Cloud Computing Industry is routed in this similarity. Many of the local authorities we are working with… Read more »

Evolution of the Cloud

Like Gas, Electricity or Water, Information Technology should be simple, ubiquitous, and cheap. Users / customers of the service should not enjoy or dislike using IT anymore that they do using the 220 volts of power from a socket. This is the key to Arcus’s methodology for advising and delivering cloud services to the public… Read more »