AWS Case Study – Nourish Care

Arcus Global

Arcus Global
October 23, 2017


Nourish Care is a healthcare focused start-up that provides novel software based solutions designed to improve the lives of people who need care. Their tools help carers to plan, record, report and coordinate care to meet the needs of the individual.


Like most software companies, all of Nourish Care’s focus was on adding functionality to their software but their clients also demand a reliable, responsive and robust platform that can deliver. The ability to iterate new ideas and capabilities quickly, on a consistent architecture, was also a key requirement in being able to deploy new and valuable services to their customers. Being able to achieve these goals in a secure and cost-effective manner added to the challenge faced by Nourish Care.

Why AWS?

AWS is a natural choice as a resilient and low-cost platform for application deployment. The AWS platform offers a wide range of services that support highly available and elastic applications such as RDS (managed Relational Database Service), Elasticache (database read caching) and Route53 (reliable, high performance DNS).

At Arcus we researched, designed and implemented the best options for hosting the software environment used by Nourish Care.  We then wrote scripts that can create the infrastructure that Nourish Care needs for a new client in under five minutes.


  1. Nourish Care now offers its clients a high quality, low-cost, resilient service backed by the world’s largest cloud service provider, AWS.

  2. Nourish Care’s team can stay focused on creating great software but can now generate new environments at the touch of a button, saving time and money.

“Arcus created scripts that enable us to provide resilient services for our healthcare customers at the touch of a button”
Nuno Almeida, Founder CEO, Nourish Care