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Arcus Global extends presence on UK Government G-Cloud Framework

Arcus Global extends presence on UK Government G-Cloud Framework Cambridge based SME brings flexibility, security and scalability of Amazon Web Services to UK public sector organisations.  CAMBRIDGE – May 07, 2013 –Arcus Global, the leader in delivering cloud computing to the public sector, today announces that it has extended its presence on the UK government’s… Read more »

Security and the Cloud – Part 1

This will be the first of a number of op-ed pieces on the security landscape of cloud computing. Security is often quoted as one of the main reason people back away from embracing the cloud. This I believe is often due to a combination of an over estimation of how secure their current arrangements are… Read more »

A response to the G-Cloud abstainer

This post is a response to the article published on – please see this link..

The above response is very typical of “sour grapes” and protectionism from a company unable to openly compete in a commodity market. Contract terms, open pricing, definitions are all designed to give the same – identical in fact (to the greatest extent possible) to all providers, large and small. Even in this first version of G-Cloud they are adequate, hence there are plenty of companies (255) including tens of private Cloud providers, that have bid. They believe that the definitions are flexible enough to accommodate their services.

A Business Case For Local Clouds…?

There’s a fascinating article on Public Technology NET talking about how companies are finding it difficult to move their stuff onto the cloud thanks to what is being called trade barriers ( This is interesting as I don’t see the cloud being hosted anywhere in particular… I’m guessing this is probably naive but it’s a… Read more »

So the G- cat is out of the bag!

Earlier this month, central government released the first iteration of the G-Cloud Framework. It is being wildly discussed on the partner networks, with lots of cloud providers planning to bid. Indeed, according to a Linked in post by Mark Craddock, it attracted something like 80 suppliers on the first day. This is hardly a surprise.… Read more »

The proliferation of layers in the Cloud and what to do about it

There’s an old adage in Computer Science, which goes: “There’s no problem, which cannot be solved by adding another layer of indirection.” One usually goes on to add: “Except, of course, for the problem of too many layers of indirection.” Truth is, layers are great. They have been intimately involved in almost all the great… Read more »

Oracle Cloud Buys Fish

The technosaurs continue their battles to become the kings of the cloud, by innovation and aquisition. Oracle just put $1.5bn on the barrel head for RightNow and it doesn’t look like being the last software as a service (SaaS) company that they will snap up. The purpose of this spree is fairly clear: if you are… Read more »

Arcus as a Service

It’s hard to spend much time reading about cloud computing without running across the IaaS, PaaS and SaaS acronyms. Respectively standing for Infrastructure, Platform and Software as a Service they are frequently used to characterise the different models for cloud service delivery. While IaaS involves supplying low-level computation resources such as processing or data storage, SaaS corresponds to delivering… Read more »

It’s ALIVE!!

Virtualisation had been with us for a while now and it can generally be regarded as ‘a good thing’. It gives us more efficient utilisation of ‘real’ hardware and lets us do more with less – thereby realising cost efficiencies, which ultimately in this climate are very handy! These facts are all well-known and you’ll… Read more »

Tooth sucking isn’t helping

The IT Crowd premiered when I had no TV nor any interest in one, I still have no TV but I do get DVD box-sets every now and again to watch at home. After getting the The It Crowd I was really quite excited but the audience at home simply weren’t as in to it… Read more »

A bit like an iceberg…

When buying a car, apart from all the comfort and flexibility that it brings, we expect further expenses, beyond the initial list price of the vehicle. With expenses such as road tax, insurance, MOT tests, servicing and parking, the costs can soon build up, especially for car enthusiasts. This example is something many people can… Read more »

Getting Closer to the Dream

I have been a bit silly last week, and forgot to bring my laptop to work. Simply forgot that its on my desk in the study, just picked up an empty laptop bag and got in the car. I then drove for over 1 hour to client site, and upon arrival, realised that I dont… Read more »