How real is the threat posed by big platforms to SMEs in the public sector market?

There have been recent articles in the press about the potential threat posed by large platforms like AWS, MSFT Azure or Salesforce to SME suppliers working in the government space.

Putting the user at the heart of cloud-first strategies

Cloud-first strategies have been the driving force behind digital transformation projects in the public sector. Moving beyond on-premise legacy IT estates is seen as a key step in helping organisations become more agile and effective. Cloud solutions are therefore implemented to serve a real business purpose. But, we do need to remember that a cloud-first strategy has to be about the end result – and that’s putting the user first.

Not just one but five reasons to join your front and back office data

Modernising processes to improve services is a key priority for councils today. A big part of that is moving to the cloud and making the flow of data a key process. This allows the front-end to be linked to back-end systems to gain valuable insight into citizen interaction and in turn improve the customer experience and services provided. 

Seize every opportunity to transform your local services

In 2018, the Local Digital Declaration was launched by the Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government. It set out an ambition to digitise local government and improve services in response to the changing digital needs and expectations of the demographics they serve. From planning and building to recycling and waste, transformation is needed to bring the services into the digital age. 

‘Fixing the plumbing’ with a platform-first approach

Local government is changing. The Local Digital Declaration announced last year has laid the foundations for digital transformation across councils. One of its five guiding principles, ‘fixing the plumbing’, has now become a common catchphrase which is often used out of context.

Realising the ambitions of the Digital Declaration

In this digital age, it’s more important than ever to ensure public services meet the needs of its citizens. Technology is no doubt transforming the way we deliver these services, but there is still opportunity to do more.

Top tips for seamless digital transformation

With digital transformation sweeping across the public sector, it is important to understand what makes projects a success. Here are our top five tips on introducing a digital transformation project:

Ask an Apprentice Day: Thomas Dowell

Hi, I’m Thomas, I’m 19 and in Sep-18, I became Arcus Global’s first Degree Apprentice.

Procurement – an enabler to change, not an obstacle to it

By Colin Wales Business Development Director MPs on the Science and Technology Committee recently heard from a range of experts on how attempts to open up Gov procurement to SMEs has progressed over the last three years. The gist of the discussions was that early success in shifting contracts to a more balanced portfolio of suppliers… Read more »

Folkestone & Hythe District Council embarks on ambitious transformation project

·         Council adopts a cloud first strategy with Arcus Global ·         Substantial savings through a combination of business and ICT transformation Folkestone & Hythe District Council (FHDC) has selected Arcus Global, a leading cloud solutions provider for the public sector, to deliver key aspects of an ambitious ICT transformation project. The Council is undergoing a… Read more »

Solace Summit 2018 – The call to make our local services sustainable

Attending events such as Solace Summit ensures that we are constantly kept abreast of the latest issues affecting local authorities and other public-sector entities.

Arcus Answer – the future of AI-powered customer service?

Arcus Answer – the future of AI-powered customer service?

What if your service users could speak to Alexa (Amazon Echo) rather than an automated service- answering up to 40% of calls and reducing call costs from nearly £4 to less than £1. This is a service that’s all about achieving savings, gaining efficiencies, having happier staff as well as providing a better customer experience.