Folkestone & Hythe District Council embarks on ambitious transformation project

·         Council adopts a cloud first strategy with Arcus Global ·         Substantial savings through a combination of business and ICT transformation Folkestone & Hythe District Council (FHDC) has selected Arcus Global, a leading cloud solutions provider for the public sector, to deliver key aspects of an ambitious ICT transformation project. The Council is undergoing a… Read more »

Solace Summit 2018 – The call to make our local services sustainable

Attending events such as Solace Summit ensures that we are constantly kept abreast of the latest issues affecting local authorities and other public-sector entities.

Arcus Answer – the future of AI-powered customer service?

Arcus Answer – the future of AI-powered customer service?

What if your service users could speak to Alexa (Amazon Echo) rather than an automated service- answering up to 40% of calls and reducing call costs from nearly £4 to less than £1. This is a service that’s all about achieving savings, gaining efficiencies, having happier staff as well as providing a better customer experience.

Brexit, economics and cloud

What is the impact of brexit on cloud?  Peter Male, outlines the impact of brexit on the Sterling vs Dollar exchange rates to demonstrate why AWS continues to offer the best value for money for customers using cloud.

Cloud security & buckhammer

Peter  Male, AWS Business Development Lead, reacts to the news of the latest security scare and argues why Buckhammer won’t be stopping him from storing data on the Cloud.

Hollie’s top tips for providing outstanding customer support

We know what we’re talking about when it it comes to providing excellent customer support.  Well we should as we recently won the coveted Best Cloud Support Provider in Computing Cloud Excellence awards.  

We thought we shouldn’t keep our expertise to ourselves and so we asked Hollie Armstrong, our Service Desk Manager to share her top tips for delivering first class customer service.  

GDPR and what it means to the public sector in particular…

With four months to go, Peter Male, Business Development Lead, gives an overview and some advice on what GDPR means.  

Four months from now on the 25th May the General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR, will enter law. At that point we will see the biggest, and arguably most important, change to the way in which personal information is handled.

We will see more power given to the individual (the data subject in GDPR parlance) to control who has their information, what those third parties can use it for, remove consent for third parties to use their data and most importantly tell them (not ask!) to delete the data they hold – the ‘right to be forgotten’.

AWS- A testament to demand

Peter Male, Business Development Lead, writes a blog on AWS and their new Availability Zone.

AWS recently announced the arrival of their 50th Availability Zone (AZ – which is defined as a data centre or centres that have separate risk profiles to other AZ’s, which work together to form a region e.g. London).

What’s surprising is not that AWS has opened a new AZ, we’re more accustomed to them announcing whole new regions at this point, but where this new AZ is – London.

How Meltdown & Spectre underline the benefits of being on the Cloud

The Meltdown & Spectre CPU vulnerabilities will force all security-conscious organisations to patch their servers. This is something that has already been completed by AWS. While the speed of reaction to threats like these is a good reason to host your infrastructure on the Cloud, this issue also highlights another Cloud benefit which is that this change will result in a 5 – 30% reduction in server performance which can be easily fixed in a Cloud environment but is really hard to handle on premise.

What do you bring to the party?

We’re quite an interesting mixture of backgrounds and cultures.  But diversity isn’t just about your background.  It’s more than that and it includes what life experiences we bring with us.    

Earlier this year, having a sense of the diverse background colleagues enjoyed, I sent around a email asking everyone what what the most interesting job they’d had.  It set off a series of brilliant responses and here’s a flavour of what we bring to the party.

Come and say Hello to us at the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health Conference

“I’m finding the change over so much easier than I thought. It’s really useful and simply laid out, a lot simpler to use than our previous system. It is fabbb :)” from one very happy user.

A love letter to Arcus…

Dom, our first employee leaves Arcus.  Read how Dom, left his boat and career as a psychiatric nurse to join Co founders Denis and Lars on the Arcus journey.