Changing how you access your data and interact with staff and citizens.

Changing how you access your data and interact with staff and citizens. Legacy systems are generally fit for purpose but most of them still propagate silo-based infrastructure and have a support and management overhead that works directly against a true low-cost service delivery model. Arcus Global has a genuinely NEW way of delivering real change and… Read more »

Gain a Research Edge: Harness the Power of Hybrid Cloud With AWS

Credits: David Blaikie @ flickr.com/photos/nikonvscanon/ © edited by Amish Gir http://sumo.ly/9ZGe Educators and researchers today navigate an extensive labyrinth of “proper channels” to grant their innovative ideas. Factors that slow down your progress include resources and funding limitations. This is where utility cloud can give you the competitive edge. Cloud computing like Amazon Web Services… Read more »

Evolving Councils Embrace a New Business model

Inspired by a New Contract Management System According to an article in the MJ, last week the new Local Government Minister anticipates tough spending choices amid greater devolved funding. Given this austere climate, councils need to think outside the box in order to save money and simplify processes. And, unlikely as it sounds, a new… Read more »

Colour vs Color

I’m not a designer by trade but by hobby so I’m always fascinated by colours. I live and breath HTML code so I end up using shed loads of hex values in page design work both at work and at home. As such I don’t really take much notice of the names of colours used… Read more »