Changing how you access your data and interact with staff and citizens.

Arcus Global

Arcus Global
September 30, 2015

Changing how you access your data and interact with staff and citizens.

Legacy systems are generally fit for purpose but most of them still propagate silo-based infrastructure and have a support and management overhead that works directly against a true low-cost service delivery model.

Arcus Global has a genuinely NEW way of delivering real change and innovation within all of your line-of-business services.

““I would not hesitate to recommend Arcus for a technology implementation of any complexity. They have an excellent attitude and enthusiasm for their work teamed with a fantastic pool of resources, who are both highly skilled, and have a flexible and accommodating approach””

— Richard Godfrey, Assistant Director, Peterborough City Council

Legacy infrastructure perpetuates a high cost deployment model

Modern technology enables processes and data to be managed across the enterprise and lends itself to flexible, scalable cloud based deployment.

Moving to ‘the Cloud’ delivers some savings but simply moving a complex, expensive environment from one location to another does not really change the cost of service delivery. The cost of upkeep on these complex environments is made worse by having to pay for and support multiple vendor-controlled connectors or ‘integration harnesses’ and the provision of efficiency tools such as Mobile access or dashboards for workload management are often seen as ‘luxury’ items and sold as chargeable extras.

That’s not how modern technology needs to work – there is a better way.

Take the Arcus challenge, and prove us against your current costs, data management and ease of use for:

  • Regulatory Services
  • Planning and Building Control
  • Land Charges
  • Contract and Asset Management
  • Social Care
  • Education
  • Waste Management..

Arcus platform technology is mobile by default and accessible from any device with a modern browser 

Arcus platform technology includes user dashboards as standard:

Arcus platform technology sees data as the basis for all transactions and prevents duplication of effort and information:

Arcus platform technology natively links into other applications such as e-mail and social media: 

Any organisation needs experienced partners for transition as not only does your data need to be securely and effectively transferred, but the systems will also need to be customised to fit your service requirements.

 We design solutions to fit in with your needs, and create a basis for extending further to start the journey towards a true digitally-enabled organisation.

If you just want to replace an existing ‘closed’ system with another one then you’re not really changing anything, just polishing the surface of an engine that isn’t designed for the modern age.

If you are really looking to move to ways of working that are enabled by technology, not hindered by it, then you need to talk to us and we will listen.

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