Cheesy text

Cheese Ipsum

I've been accused of using purple prose in the past so I've decided not to anymore and when I'm developing something for work I use Lorem Ipsum.

Lorem Ipsum is nothing more than filler text, it's not meant to mean anything but merely to be used as a means of filling space within, in the context which I use it, a webpage.

I used to think that it was simply gobbledygook but it looks like its a bastardised version of a classic Latin text, who'da thunk it?

In my search for something more than the generic Lorem Ipsum generator I found loads of Ipsum generators. I particularly like the Bacon Ipsum and, in a sort of homage to it, I've created the Cheese Ipsum. It comes with the option of only using cheese from the classic Monty Python Cheese Shop Sketch in the first paragraph.

I've looked at loads of different scripts for generating Lorem Ipsum text (both client and server side) but decided to roll my own using a mixture of vanilla JavaScript and jQuery with lots of ideas taken from other people - sorry if you notice something obvious that I've stollen!

This has very little to do with the cloud but it represents a brief window of time where I could develop something that's been causing a mental itch for a month or two, we've just submitted a bid for a project that we've been working hard on and I'm blowing off a little steam before we hear back about whether or not we've won it.

I'll keep my fingers crossed as man can not live on cheese alone ;-)