Digital is about helping customers have a better day

Arcus Global

Arcus Global
June 28, 2019

Watch our recent webinar to hear from Arcus Global’s CEO Denis Kaminskiy and Director of Digital at AVDC Maryvonne Hassall about how this can be achieved.

Aylesbury Vale District Council working with partners including Arcus Global has delivered over £6m in savings from moving to the Cloud and digital. Service delivery has improved whilst meeting increasing customer demand and led to award winning customer service and innovations such as using AI.

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Maryvonne will particularly talk about:-

  • The secrets of AVDC’s success and lessons learnt

  • How they delivered efficiencies and savings by putting the customer first

  • Why having the right mind-set is essential

  • Why this is a journey that never ends

and Denis shares:

  • How to approach IT for digital delivery and stakeholder use – legacy Vs platform systems

  • Why procurement needs to get into the 21st Century

  • How to achieve results through new ways of working

If you have any questions for either Denis or Maryvonne please email