Evolution of Public Sector Technology

Arcus Global

Arcus Global
October 5, 2015

Citizens & other Stakeholders are demanding Digital interaction with the Public Sector. A tech savvy population want to use their mobiles, tablets & PC’s at a time & location to suit to book services & ask for information. Fact – Digital Service provision is more cost effective. Fact – Digital demand will grow consistently. With a seemingly watertight business case for transforming to digital engagement models.

Why is the Public Sector so far behind the digital curve?

For most Public Sector bodies keeping the lights on in ICT to support a financially challenged delivery model has been the order of the day.  Now however, the need for transformational change is creating the perfect storm.  What’s needed is a storm breaker – Cloud is that.

Cloud Solutions offer secure, robust, scalable, cost effective models, reducing resource overhead and costly ongoing maintenance associated with bulky, on-premise systems and introducing user-friendly, fully mobile alternatives. 

Arcus Global can help you replace dated IT solutions and Services with new versions for today’s advanced public sector user communities and citizens. Arcus’ portfolio of line of business Applications are built using the latest Cloud technologies. We help you make it happen.  Saving time, money and effort through using highly secure cloud-based solutions, working alongside you to evolve your service delivery; making your Council / Department highly effective.

For example Richard Godfrey, Assistant Director at Peterborough City Council, said “We are rationalising many of our services and migrating our IT to a new cloud based environment, which will enable greater efficiency and improved services to our users.”  Arcus established a full Enterprise Architecture, Roadmap, Data and Information Governance strategy for Peterborough CC. This created a clear plan that the council, and its other ICT partners have followed.

Additionally Alan Evans, Head of ICT at Aylesbury Vale District Council said “We have a productive, trusting and collaborative relationship stretching over 5 years. Arcus Global is the only AWS UK partner with deep knowledge of Local Government systems and experience in the sector. Coupled with Arcus Global’s commitment to AVDC savings and an offer of a low, fixed cost project, the choice was obvious.”

So why change? Digital offers better service and simplified procedures: it makes lives easier. Taking advantage of future technology, today, has never been easier. It’s all about service – our service to you, and your service to the public. And that’s really the crux of it.