Lessons from Security Attacks

Arcus Global

Arcus Global
May 17, 2017

Arcus’ office

It’s been all over the news since the weekend. The ransomware attack that disrupted the NHS and businesses around the world.

Old technology and legacy client / server based applications require constant and costly patching and maintenance. They require client machines with expensive and cumbersome operating systems and other software which also requires near constant patching.

This results in many IT departments spending a huge amount of time basically just updating their landscape. As they fall behind, unpatched and vulnerable systems are rife, and disasters spread as we have all witnessed during the last week.

If more people would use cloud based software such as ours across the public sector, there would be far lower risk of a similar attack. Moreover, even if a particular client device was compromised, no data is stored or processed locally, so having an encrypted hard disk would simply mean picking up another client for our customers, with little or no disruption to productivity.