Managing grants in a post COVID world

Arcus Global

Arcus Global
March 11, 2021

There’s a huge amount of social value in getting grant money to where it needs to be as quickly as possible. Supporting people, families and businesses is a key COVID recovery thread. The flipside to this for most Local Authorities is ensuring that the right people get the right amount for the right things. Prudence with the public purse. Operating prudently with a sense of urgency in a dynamic environment is incredibly difficult.

At the start of the pandemic, we worked with a number of clients to build a solution that allows citizens to apply for grants online. Across a broad range of devices, cItizens and businesses can apply and track the process of their grant application through submission, validation, determination and payment. This is all carried out in one single solution. The same technology is used to capture data from the applicant entering, to the officer processing. No third-party web forms, no separate document management solution, no spreadsheets. And, definitely no waiting for an incumbent supplier to amend (and then charge the GDP of a small country for) a legacy application to do half the job.

About Arcus Global

Arcus Global, formed in 2009 and based in Cambridge UK, is a market leading GovTech cloud company, delivering mission critical technology solutions that enable public sector organisations to transform their service delivery.

Arcus has developed a platform-based suite of Applications for Local and Central Government. Addressing the challenges inCitizen Digital interaction, Citizen relationship management and through specific platform based case management solutions for Planning, Building Control, Licensing and  Environmental Health etc.

Arcus has grown to over 30 customers including Folkestone & Hythe District Council, Eastleigh Borough Council, The London Borough of Islington, Wiltshire County Council, Department for Culture Media & Sport and the Home Office.


Charlotte Fionda, Marketing Manager at Arcus Global