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Arcus Global
July 7, 2016

‘City on a Cloud Challenge Winners’

Arcus Global, Cambridge June 2016 – Peterborough City Council has won the prestigious AWS (Amazon Web Services) Global Public Sector Smart City Award which comes with a prize of $25,000 worth of promotional credits that can be used to offset Peterborough’s AWS cloud infrastructure costs.

Peterborough City Council uses the AWS Cloud as the central hub for integrating data from weather stations, smart energy meters, connected devices installed in the city, people’s homes, and automated libraries with council’s core applications.

“For Peterborough, we put our citizens and their challenges at the heart of our mission, and to deliver on that mission, we’ve embarked on a journey to be one of the world’s top ‘smart cities,’” said John Harrison, Corporate Director of Resources, Peterborough City Council. “We focus on innovation, skills for the future, open data, and smart businesses, and cloud technology is a key enabler of each of these. We’ve partnered with Arcus Global to design and implement an enterprise-wide platform that is delivering digital transformation across the entire council by breaking down traditional silos, replacing back-end systems and improving visibility across all city services.”

Peterborough recently won the World Smart City Congress where they won ‘Smart City of the Year’ award, beating Moscow, Dubai and Singapore to the title.

Quite an achievement for Peterborough! More importantly, the city is one of the most unequal areas in the UK, with life expectancy changing by up to 10 years as one moves through different areas of the City. New technologies are enabling the Council to make smarter, data driven and digitally enabled decisions which could have an enormous positive impact on the city and its people.

“We are delighted that our project with PCC has gained such a Global recognition”. Said Denis Kaminskiy CEO at Arcus Global “I think what we are doing in PCC is miles ahead of the sector, and the fact that it is a real project, rather than just an idea is real proof of the innovation and ambition that Peterborough and Arcus share”.

In addition to the benefits highlighted above, the AWS solution for Peterborough, as architected, deployed and supported by Arcus Global, provides increased flexibility in services, ease of access for remote users, reduces the council’s infrastructure burden and makes future changes fast and economical. The project has already delivered significant savings for the Council, by improving resilience, facilitating mobile working (for legacy applications), and made the Authority more environmentally friendly.

About Peterborough City Council: Peterborough is a unitary authority which provides services for 190,000 residents. Services are provided out of a £438 million budget. For more information visit