Slough Borough Council Awards Arcus Global the Contract for a Cloud-Based Regulatory Management and Licensing System

Author: Paul Langridge

Paul Langridge
July 18, 2023

Slough Borough Council has selected Arcus Global, a leading provider of cloud-based software solutions, to implement a cutting-edge regulatory management and licensing system, signalling a move away from traditional legacy IT systems. The contract is up to 3 years with a total value of over £245K including optional extensions. 

The new Arcus platform will provide a modern, multi-tenant, Software as a Service solution that enables the Council to manage regulatory compliance and licensing across multiple departments. The natively mobile platform is designed to offer enhanced automation, feature flexibility, and remote working capabilities, while also improving the end-user experience. It provides a fully integrated case management system that includes document generation and editing, class-leading accessibility standards, and a full suite of Rest APIs.

The new system will enable the Council to streamline regulatory processes, reduce processing times, and improve service delivery for residents and businesses.

Ketan Gandhi, Associate Director for Community and Public Protection at Slough Borough Council, said, ‘We are really pleased to have secured the contract for a Cloud-Based Regulatory Management and Licensing System as this will enable the Council to improve a number of functions including resident serve and the ability to improve management information, analyse and as a result inform  priorities’.

Carol Duncan, Business Development Director at Arcus Global adds: “We are pleased to have been awarded the contract by Slough Borough Council.  The Arcus Regulatory Services platform gives Slough the flexibility to adapt their software as they move forward and better support their business needs.  We look forward to working with Slough to achieve their aims in better supporting both their residents and their officers”