Team Building & Bird Boxes

Author: Robin Barber

Robin Barber
July 4, 2024

Team-building exercises are often challenging, as finding activities that everyone enjoys and can participate in is not easy. It’s important to choose an activity that is practical, inclusive, and enjoyable for all, without relying on extreme sports or activities that might deter participation due to concerns about appearance or repetition.

For this year’s company away day at Arcus, we needed an activity that:

  • Encouraged teamwork
  • Met our environmental targets
  • Produced lasting results rather than waste
  • Could be continued after the session
  • Was fun for everyone

In the afternoon, 60 staff members were led to the hotel grounds, divided into teams, and given bird box kits along with tools and decorating materials. The results were varied and creative, with some designs reflecting individual interests and others being true works of art. Even Bill Oddie might raise an eyebrow at some of the more unconventional designs, but most were habitable for birds.

Many staff members took their bird boxes home. For those who couldn’t, the bird boxes will be offered to a community woodland managed by one of our local authorities. Spare kits were also given to staff to take home and assemble with their families, contributing to wildlife habitats in their local areas. One employee even took several kits to their daughter’s nursery, where they will be used for a fun and educational activity, with photos to follow.

We ensured that as much as possible was recycled or reused, and any unused decorating materials will be donated to a local charity.

In the end, the most important result is that we’ll be putting up 60 bird boxes, contributing to environmental conservation and providing ongoing enjoyment for our team.