The Arcus Oscars – Best Team Player Award

Author: Darren Linacre

Darren Linacre
July 3, 2024

Well, wasn’t that fun? Arcus knows how to throw a party (ed: you mean “work-focused event”). As always with these things – I’ll start with the old cliche. “I want to thank my mother, my friends, the Director(s) (the term actually works…!), and all my friends I’ve worked with over the years, because you’re the ones who made this happen!

Man, I’ve always wanted to be able to say that, for real, whilst not staring into the mirror holding a hairbrush. 

Anyway, I am genuinely touched, and what a fantastic way for a company to express the value they place in its workforce. Like many who’ve joined Arcus, I came for the great career and learning prospects that a tech-focused SME can provide. I got all that and more, but nearly nine years later, I’ve stayed because of the friends and awesome family we’ve built together. 

I’ll tell you a secret. Winning the Best Team Player Award feels a little dishonest; I don’t feel like I’ve particularly stepped up more than anyone else and done some amazing piece of notable teamwork. I feel like I’m just fulfilling my role as I.T. Manager – not putting up blockers and barriers because of this or that, but seeking ways to enable my friends to achieve what they envision as they build upon our great software. So if they ask for help, or seem like they’ve come a bit unstuck – we jump in to help. And it’s not just me – we all do it. So perhaps my original “I want to thank my friends…” cliche does ring true. We help not because that’s what we get paid for (I mean let’s not kid ourselves, that’s also true), but because together we look out for each other, and always want to see everyone be their best, build the best software, and just succeed. It’s what families do. 

Still, though. I’m chuffed that I won! I never win anything 🙂