Thousands of children to benefit from software switch

Arcus Global

Arcus Global
August 14, 2013

Thousands of children and their families are set to benefit from a County Council computer software change – which will also save taxpayers large sums of money.
On August 6, staff working at the 35 children’s centres in Buckinghamshire moved to a Council-hosted system called Indigo, developed by Arcus Global, which gives them greater flexibility when entering and searching for data.

This will mean they can build up clearer patterns of information to help improve resources within local communities.

The switch will also mean an annual cash saving for Buckinghamshire County Council of more than £26,000 in licensing and operating costs. The cost of the change is likely to be recouped in less than three years.

But for staff, the biggest benefit will come in the way data can now be used to aid families and children in need of assistance.

Mandie Clemmett, Children’s Centre Commissioner at County Hall, said: “This will give us a better understanding of the needs of families in each catchment area. It will allow us to target the more in-need families, but will also give us information about other groups – for instance, professional first-time mums – who require more support.”

Mike Appleyard, Cabinet Member for Education and Skills at Buckinghamshire County Council, praised the initiative and added: “I have put the services for pre-school children at the top of my priorities. If we cannot improve the life chances of children at this early stage, then we are committing them to a poorer quality of life that they should expect.”

Indigo will be used by 130 children centre staff and four County Hall administrators. Last year, 10,000 children used the centres – around 33 per cent of Buckinghamshire’s under-fives. The Council hopes to increase this to 65 per cent.

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