What role should philosophy play in artificial intelligence?

Arcus Global

Arcus Global
June 11, 2018

We are delighted to be hosting an event in collaboration with Anglia Ruskin University on June 21 in central Cambridge.  

The event coincides with the annual Digital Leaders week which is an inspirational week in the digital transformation calendar in the UK.  There are many events to choose from and we’re delighted to be running one in Cambridge.

Our event will focus on artificial intelligence (AI).  AI is a hot topic and not one limited to specialist areas, it has a constant presence in the mainstream press.  With this in mind we wanted to look at AI from a different angle.  As AI is impacting on our lives in increasing ways the need to understand its impact.  Therefore we will focus on looking at the moral implications and applications of artificial intelligence. The background of the lead discussants will ensure a stimulating debate as we bring together those developing products using AI and a lecturer in philosophy.

Tim Lancaster, AWS Practice Director, Arcus Global, will discuss some of the work we have done on AI and share this thoughts on the many impacts this area of technology will have. Tim will discuss his personal concerns about the effect on jobs and the need to both provide a citizen’s income and a changed model for what society expects from people that places less emphasis on what your job is and more on how you contribute to the community.

Michael Wilby, Senior Lecturer and Course Leader in Philosophy at Anglia Ruskin University, will focus on the ethics of artificial intelligence and pose questions to the group focusing on what we can do vs what we should do.

To book a place at our event please follow this link.