Wiltshire Council shortlisted for a 2022 Planning Award for ‘use of digital technology in planning’.

Arcus Global

Adam Joesbury
April 8, 2022

Wiltshire Council has been shortlisted for an award in the ‘Use of Digital Technology in Planning’ category at the 2022 Planning Awards, using Arcus Built Environment solutions.

Wiltshire Council needed to move away from the legacy system they used to manage planning applications for a number of reasons, it was unstable, didn’t permit optimal operations, or provide a platform for them to meet their digital aspirations.  Data was held in a variety of formats from spreadsheets, access databases and hard copy, which had been driven by lengthy workarounds as the norm. Processing times were slow and the system was cumbersome. With much of the information siloed, it wasn’t easy to see the bigger picture, resulting in staff’ time being wasted and low morale due to the manual processes.

Wiltshire needed a solution that managed core tasks, such as production of statutory returns, document and letter production, consultations and decision making, but also met the authorities digital agenda. A solution that was flexible and could change with amendments in legislation, or trends within data capture and have the flexibility within the platform for them to shape the system to one which met their requirements.

By moving to a new platform approach planners are now able to see all information regarding a development in one place. This enables the authority to get a holistic view of a site, understand its development and interaction with different stakeholders and monitor it accordingly.

The new digital technology is being used to overcome issues with the legacy system and revolutionise what was previously in place. This has been achieved by introducing an intuitive forward-looking and dynamic planning system that provides benefits to all Stakeholders. At the same time, it is enabling the department to operate far more efficiently and effectively, ultimately improving customer service and satisfaction. To this end Wiltshire has set itself up for success by investing in the digital transformation of its planning services.

Wiltshire were completely focussed on the pursuit of a solution that could really change the way they were able to work and improve their efficiency and effectiveness as a planning department. The agile nature of the Arcus solution means they have invested in technology that can evolve as they do, delivering continuous service improvement for citizens and other stakeholders alike.

It’s been a record year for entries for the Planning Awards, so we are very proud of the team for pushing the boundaries and getting shortlisted. Roll on June 9th to see if Wiltshire can win their category and scoop the award!